Reducing rig time and material costs for offshore wells is critical to a project’s financial profitability. With the dramatic increase in the number of deepwater wells, new technologies and methods are needed to quickly and reliably complete wells. A case history of 14 large-bore expandable liner hangers (ELHs) in the Caspian Sea and one in deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM) show consistent material cost savings, reduced installation time, improved reliability, and increased versatility over the conventional liner hanger system.

The technological advances of ELH systems have increased well life and improved safety during liner installations over traditional systems. Sealing capabilities with expandable systems have evolved beyond conventional tools and the smooth radial flowpaths allow for greater ease of installation. A series of redundant sealing elements provide a gas tight liner top seal which stops any possible gas migration. Also, with the ELH system, rotation and reciprocation while cementing are possible.

This paper will describe offshore wells and the common problems associated with them. Expandable liner hanger technology will be explored to increase operator awareness of an additional technology. An in-depth exploration of ELH technology and the comparison of conventional and ELH systems in the same field are described within this paper.

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