Repsol (operator), together with partners Petrotrin and National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, took over operations of mature fields Teak, Samaan and Poui (TSP) Offshore Trinidad by end of 2005. With the intention of planning further development in the TSP reservoirs (comprising more than 10 vertically stacked main units, highly compartmentalized reservoirs with complex tectonic geometries) an indigenous comprehensive field evaluation was required. In order to perform a detailed analysis on all reservoirs, the effort would have been immense and would have delayed the decision making by years. Thus, a sand-by-sand Screening Project was carried out with the main objective of identifying the reservoirs with maximum potential so as to direct further technical effort on specific reservoirs for early monetization of the reserves.

Based on the results of sand-by-sand screening project, a prospect validation project for Teak Field was initiated - consisting of extensive field data acquisition, detailed interpretation and modeling workflows, adapted to the particular needs of mature fields. Several incremental opportunities identified during screening were validated and detailed modeling was performed to support further development. In some cases, the reservoir units that were identified to be having significant potential, turned out to be low on the priority list, as well as new and better than expected prospects appeared on the list. This paper outlines some examples and experiences from the prospect validation exercise.

On completion of this effort, the company acquired a holistic view of the asset in terms of projects and its remaining resources. So far, 21 localized static models and 15 dynamic simulation models have been completed resulting in the identification of 11 drilling candidates in Teak Field. A similar effort is planned for Samaan and Poui Fields in the near future. By dividing the problem into parts, the resources were optimized and the building-dynamic-model-for-everything was avoided.

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