The production optimization team in BP Trinidad and Tobago is a cross-functional team that is focused on optimizing production by safely maximizing the volume of gas available for our midstream customers. This paper will address the challenges faced in a high rate gas business that seeks to improve value is a fixed export regime. It will focus on the processes and tools that have been developed within BP Trinidad and Tobago and how it is being used to increase production.

To date the production optimization team has been able add approximately 5mboed each year through for the last four years through optimization of both the upstream and midstream activities and by managing the current available well stock. The team has also been able to implement new technology for optimizing production conditions called the Trinidad Field Optimizer. All of this is managed through the creation of a sustainable process that seeks to integrate the upstream operations, which includes drilling and new developments, with the midstream customers.

The journey of production optimization has taken four years to move from a place where each department worked in silos, focused on their own performance target, to one where the concept of integration is lived each day. During this time it has become very apparent that only through integration can maximum value be achieved once the right framework is created. Also technology plays a pivotal role in unlocking these hidden barrels. However with the myriad of new tools that is available in today's energy environment, special attention must be spent on selecting the right technology for your business.

This paper will demonstrate both the process and value that has been gained through the work of the production optimization team. It has facilitated integration of the company had has served to increase efficiency.

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