Comparing to conventional production methods, high frequency vibration recovery has many advantages during development of low permeability reservoirs, such as effectively improving reservoir permeability, deceasing fluid mobility, enhancing single well production, low cost and low pollution. However, at present, researches on high frequency vibration recovery are limited to qualitative interpretation, and quantitative research and theoretical system are lack of completeness, which cause the disability of correctly choosing the optimistic production method and the optimization of the technical parameters. In this paper, by analyzing and integrating principle and theories of reservoir engineering, flow in porous medium, acoustics, rock mechanics and numerical analysis, acoustic pressure relation equation was established and a quantitative description about the porous media reservoir and fluid parameters alteration after high frequency vibration effect were attained. Furthermore, a preliminary mathematical model and computer modeling under high frequency vibration effect in low permeability reservoir were developed. This study was successfully applied to simulation of high frequency vibration recovery in a low permeability reservoir in Western China. The result showed that high frequency vibration recovery could stimulate single well production and improve the development efficiency of low permeability reservoir.

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