The Norwegian Sector of the North Sea is renowned for the development and implementation of new technology in order to extract hydrocarbons from the earth. The combination of a cultural affinity for technology, harsh and unforgiving operating environment that stretch the limits of man and technology and high value assets combine to create the "Perfect Storm" for the application of technology. So how do you transfer this methodology to an old onshore field in Trinidad?

Fram Exploration is a company based in Trondheim; Norway that has recently been awarded a lease onshore Trinidad. The Management and staff of Fram have extensive experience in the development and implementation of new technologies in Norway and around the world. This paper will describe the methodologies and technologies that have been developed and how they will be applied to an onshore field in Trinidad. These technologies will include cutting-edge sub-surface mapping and geologic evaluation techniques as well as well construction, drilling and completion capabilities. Also included in the paper will be a description of the collaborative decision making process that will be utilized to plan and execute this field development strategy.

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