After REPSOL took over the operation of the TSP asset (Teak, Samaan, Poui gas/oil fields) at the end of 2005, it was considered important to have an indigenous evaluation of the reserves/production potential of these fields. This need was further underscored when the results were obtained from the rig operations carried out in 2007. It was then decided that such an evaluation would be the key to defining and prioritizing future work programmes. As such, the main challenges towards carrying out a detailed technical evaluation were:

  • Business Challenges:

    • Field decline was ongoing and new opportunities were required for the near future

    • An answer to the potential of the field was necessary in a short period of time (one year) in order to design the Company's strategy

  • Technical Challenges:

    • Very mature offshore fields with more than 35 years of production, hence a good deal of information to be collected, analyzed and interpreted in a short period of time. The data was scattered and required a detailed QC process

    • Complex nature of the reservoirs with 16 reservoir sand units (vertically stacked), highly compartmentalized with complex tectonic geometries and facies distribution

    • No previous reliable reservoir evaluations were available

To carry out a detailed technical analysis – i.e. generation of maps/models etc. – for all the reservoirs, the effort would have been immense and would have delayed the decision making by a few years. The screening study was conceptualized with the objective of identifying the reservoirs with maximum potential and to direct further technical effort on those reservoirs so that early monetization of the reserves is possible. As a result of this study, key reservoir opportunities were identified and prioritized, having possible potential for incremental reserves through workovers, infill and step-out drilling. Further efforts would be focused on a detailed technical evaluation of the selected reservoirs.

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