Study of determining the optimal future field development has been done in a sector of South Rumaila oil field/ main pay. The aspects of net present value (economic evaluation) as objective function have been adopted in the present study.

Many different future prediction cases have been studied to determine the optimal production future scenario. The first future scenario was without water injection and the second and third with 7500 surface bbls/day and 15000 surface bbls/day water injection per well, respectively. At the beginning, the runs have been made to 2028 years, the results showed that the optimal future scenario is continuing without water injection because the cumulative oil production and net present value for this case is higher than from the two another cases, but According to the relationship between net present value and future production time, the abandonment time was estimated before end of December 2014 for all above cases. So, the optimal future scenario was with water injection of 15000 surface bbls/day if the surface injection facilities can handle this rate.

For achieving the reliable forecasts for these prediction scenarios, a comparison has been made with other modern studies which adopted on the same field.

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