In the extreme volatile oil & gas market, all the operators are focusing on cost reduction to maximize the profits. Site personnel represent one of the top OPEX contributors to the offshore operation, either in term of direct as well as indirect costs. Each position in the offshore site implies an average of 2.5 people to assure the plant operation. Those prople are organized in multiple shifts to cover the full site time requirement. As direct cost, this means an average of € 500k/year per each skilled position. Each position implies also a set of indirect costs related to the logistics such as: mobilization, board & lodging and related service, sometimes very expensive.

Decrease or limit the man effort at site would bring a great impact to the operation effectiveness. Turbocompressor units usually represent the core equipment in the platform.

Could it reduce the site men effort to monitor, control & diagnosis the equipment remotely onshore? Could it improve the reliability and availability to minimize the daily maintenance? Is that really something brings value to operators? Should the OEM focus automation packages to retrofit exiting units or change design approach of the next generation of equipment?

Proper market analysis in this paper as well as real voice of the operators and experience can answer to those questions. And also in this paper will demonstrate a biz case the value the hypotetical automation kit could bring to the operators.

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