The Bush City Shoestring comprising approximately 1,500 productive acres, lies generally in an east-west direction in Anderson county, Kansas. The sand involved is 760 ft deep and is composed of sand and shale layers, resembling in many ways the characteristics of Bradford third sand in Pennsylvania.

According to one published paper and other available data, this reservoir is expected to yield a recovery from water flooding of 2,400 bbl/acre over a period of 10 or more years. The Maracaibo Oil Exploration Corp. has developed and operated an 80-acre tract within this reservoir. We will, attempt to show the difference in application of development and operating practices of Maracaibo's Starit lease vs adjacent property and will show that 3,700 bbl/acre have been recovered in 3.2 years.

A more recent Maracaibo development is illustrated in brief. This area of 31acres, located on the Paola Shoestring, Miami County, Kansas, and referred to as Maracaibo's Phillips-Chandler lease, is an excellent example of good waterflooding practices vs results. It is unique as a test area from a viewpoint of selective shooting, use of Triton X-100, injection of fuel oil prior to water injection, and use of fully automatic pumping wells.

An attempt has been made to design the papers to provide the full story and to show in the final analysis the results of economics involved on the basis of dollars expended vs dollars returned vs time.


The following study, relating to our experience with sandstone reservoirs in Eastern Kansas, is submitted in two parts:

Part 1 - Illustrates the planning, development, operation-and net results of Maracaibo's Starit 80-acre lease in contrast to the available data of a 370-acre development adjacent to and on either end of the Starit acreage.

Part 2 - Illustrates, in brief, the characteristics of operations and results of a more recent development, Maracaibo's Phillips-Chandler lease, which has responded splendidly to the employment of good waterflooding procedures and represents some unusual methods of development and operation.

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