Plug and Abandonment (P&A) operations with conventional Hydraulic Workover Unit (WHU) have an enormous benefit and impact on low-cost P&A campaign in Malaysia compare with using conventional drilling rig. Subsequently, this Hybrid Hydraulic Pulling Unit (HHPU) was the first successful deployed and safely delivered for P&A campaign together with conductor removal in offshore West Malaysia.

This paper presents case study that showcase the capability of HHPU for low-cost permanent P&A campaign by eliminate requirement for additional bringing rigging-up and rigging-down of casing jack unit for conductor removal operation. The unit manage to cut and pull-out the existing completion strings, setting cement plugs, cut and pull-out multiple strings of casing along with retrieving the 24″ conductors delivering the most advantageous outcome for P&A campaign safely, efficiently and cost effectively. It was invented from 340K HWU with improvise features that capable of pull-out existing completion string and removal of the conductor with size up to 36″.

This paper demonstrates a unique combination of techniques and equipment of a successfully low-cost P&A operation with excellent client satisfaction with no incident and accident were recorded. The end results may contradict traditional P&A methods, but the case history can be used for future reference or potential replication in South East Asia region.

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