Plugging and abandonment operations may require multiple cement plugs to isolate a given wellbore from the surface or seabed. The rig operational time placing and then validating the integrity of selective cement plugs could range from a couple of days to one week depending on the quantity and location of the plugs in the wellbore. As most plugs lengths target 500 feet, wellbore abandonment operations can become inefficient depending on the abandonment requirements. A new methodology for cement plug installation, during wellbore abandonment operations, using a drilling rig improves efficiency by reducing the quantity of cement plugs deployed while obtaining better placement success.

The methodology, a "pump and pull" technique, has enabled successful plug placements range from a 1,650-foot plug set in a highly deviated well to a 1,950-foot plug set in a vertical well. Most of these placements enabled a reduction in the plugs required to achieve the abandonment objectives. The manuscript discusses the general operational procedures, laboratory testing, and design methods to manage the deployment scope using drilling rigs without coiled tubing assistance.

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