Underwater decommissioning is a challenging and expensive job especially when a company is not getting any benefit. The efficient, economical and environmentally friendly technique is highly desirable. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the available techniques for the nondestructive test (NDT) that can be potentially used for the decommissioning project to identify clear cut during cutting. Therefore, this paper discusses the stat of the art techniques that can be used preferably underwater NDT for cut detection application. The approach will focus on existing methods available for NDT. There are various NDTs but the current study only focused on the techniques that can be used underwater monitoring. Therefore, review of past studies and techniques that are commonly used in industry for NDTs will be discussed, particularly for Alternative Current Field Measurement (ACFM), Magnetic Partial (MPI), Eddy-Current (EC), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Visual Testing (VT) and Acoustic Emission (AE) Testing techniques will be discussed with real application in O&G with selected case studies. In the end, the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed to compare the suitability for the decommissioning project. The matrix presented summarized the key elements that need to consider before selecting a system for decommissioning project for considering cut detection.

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