National legislation requires removal of offshore oil and gas assets post cessation of production. However, this legislation is currently being challenged due to; Safety concerns, advances in environmental research, technical challenges, societal and economic impacts.

The Comparative Assessment is one method of addressing these factors. An online platform has been developed for this purpose that uses adapted, industry standards and norms to generate a comprehensive assessment assisting in the development of an auto-generated high-level decommissioning plan with high level cost estimates.

The Comparative Assessment’s seven-stage process is incorporated in the online platform and when utilised in a facilitated ‘HAZID’ style workshop, the platform enables all relevant subject matter experts to complete the assessment in days, in lieu of months of consultancy.

The algorithms development for the online platform includes the implementation of a quantitative Comparative Assessment process with complementing high-level cost estimates in-line with AACE class 4 and ASPE Level 1 estimates.

The cost estimates explore various removal techniques currently used in the industry. These techniques are then analysed by performing sensitivity studies for different removal methodologies, vessel charters and cost variance from actual decommissioning case studies.

In order to improve efficiency in the decommissioning industry, the development of an online platform capable of an industry recognised decision making process and cost of decommissioning will improve planning and assist in assessing the global decommissioning liability.

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