As host authority for all hydrocarbon resources in Malaysia, post 2016 transformation, the Malaysian Oil and Gas Regulator (PETRONAS MPM) put in place enhanced guidelines for classifying wells to steer Petroleum Arrangement Contractors (PAC's) to align with PETRONAS MPM Total Well Management Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and aspirations. The well classification guidelines are key inputs to facilitate improvement by PAC's in enhancement of flowing strings and management of idle wells. Additionally, well classification was used in conjunction with new idle well time-bound guidelines to drive abandonment on idle wells with no remaining economic potential. Subsequent to roll-out of PETRONAS MPM enhanced guidelines for classifying wells and the added focus on well management, positive changes were observed in active string percentage (52% to 57%) and idle well management (~5% improvement in effective idle well restoration). The number of abandonment certificates increased from 20 wells to nearly 300 wells since the issuance of the new guidelines, and these wells are being planned for future abandonment with cost-effective and optimized scheduling at a national level.

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