Behind casing opportunity (BCO) is an important production enhancement solution that extends field life in brown field development, specifically at low oil price and the current cost control environment. BCO potentially offers, low hanging fruit in terms of cost and realizing cheap oil, but successful maturation and realization of these opportunities relies on clear understanding of reservoir behavior and uncertainties. Historically, our ability to meet planned objectives has been challenging and in fact only 50% of these opportunities have met their objectives, the remainder compromised by either integrity or reservoir performance issues. An unconventional approach has been tested by the subsurface team and is presented here.

The approach presented here focuses on impact of workflow optimization, multidisciplinary and integrated work on instantaneous production gain. The sequential workflow includes data gathering, proper data preparation and integrating basic data and information (brilliant at the basics) to reduce inherent risk and uncertainty. A significant improvement in conventional petrophysical modelling, using proper analogs, unlock the potential resources which have been masked by low resistive elements. Detailed well modelling and performance analysis, highlights the potential gain from these low resistive pay zones. Coupled with a detailed screening process the opportunities with highest probability of success (POS) and most favorable commercial feasibility are selected.

The result demonstrate the huge upside potential for nominated low resistive pay zones that can be developed through BCO or horizontal infill target. On the commercial side, it was recommended to execute the plan in a campaign for cost optimization purposes. It is expected to reduce operational cost by 30 percent and improve recovery through realization of more drainage points. Progressive burning propellant stimulation has been initiated to maximize production gain by maximizing exposure to the reservoir and boosting flow capacity by a factor of two times through 25 feet of low perm section

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