To create opportunities for economic development in an offshore brown field with well-known subsurface and operational complexities, in an industry downturn. This paper describes the technical, commercial, and operational aspects that helped in achieving an established economical cut-off for project sanction. The project will enable sustaining field average oil production above operational economic limits thereby maximizing field life. With the prevalent low oil price conditions, the economic threshold for projects sanction and execution has reduced. The asset team faced a challenge to achieve a UDC threshold of USD16/bbl. A Multi-disciplinary team was tasked to look at key aspects to improve project commerciality. Subsurface recovery potential was assessed thoroughly to evaluate the impact of subsurface uncertainty, and evaluate the impact on well designs on project cash flow. Wells were designed to tap in multiple reservoir targets to minimize subsurface risk through existing facilities to maximize ullage. The wells were drilled from new slots via small deck extension to optimize cost instead of high risk slot recovery, which helped to reduce CAPEX. Fit-for-purpose and cost optimized wells were designed by minimizing automation (i.e.: ICVs, PDGs, etc.) which also reduce Operating risk and cost. Multiple sands were targeted in different compartments having different pressure support, did not allow commingle production. Hence, only one primary reservoir was completed, with other zones kept behind casing for future intervention with bottom-up production strategy. This helped deferring the project investment as this was in the intervention cost in Operating Expenditure which helped to improve the project economics. Further savings were achieved by accelerating the project in order to achieve synergy with an upcoming drilling campaign. The reduction of the overall project CAPEX allowed the project to be commercially feasible and technically sound for execution. In addition, the team has also established a reservoir management plan with mitigation plan to deal with the main subsurface and surface risks. The out of box solution of optimized field development plan for complex offshore Brownfield with limited facilities modification, while being cost conscious but technically sound concept proved to provide the answer for sustainable production growth in S Field at low oil price environment.

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