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The early evaluation of a reservoir's contents has become extremely important. As it has become necessary to investigate deeper production zones, completion costs have increased by geometric progression.

In the drilling phase it should be determined as early as possible whether zones that are penetrated present a hostile environment. The energy of each zone must be fully determined to insure safe drilling practices.

After the well has been drilled to total depth, the reservoir's extent and capabilities should be thoroughly evaluated. The presence of H2S and CO2 should be determined, both from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. This, along with producing temperatures, will determine the most efficient and economical completion.

Conventional means of open hole sampling are not consistent with safety requirements necessary for evaluating the deeper, hotter, and higher pressured reservoirs. When these samples are brought to the surface under a charged condition, containing sour gas or crude, they are potentially dangerous to anyone trying to potentially dangerous to anyone trying to evaluate its contents.

A joint cooperative effort in the industry has set practical and basic guidelines for a method that will meet these requirements. This paper will discuss methods that will give considerable additional reservoir information that wig help in a safer drilling and completion program. program


The energy situation has been constantly changing over a short period of time. The rising costs, increase in the price of crude and gas, the scarcity of pipe and tubular goods, the near impossibility to get surface equipment made from forgings; these and many other factors have caused industry to set new and different priorities. About two years ago it was determined that to meet the energy goals for the present and future, it would be necessary to drill deeper wells in search of production. In doing this the geophysicists projected that we could meet new problems and hostile environments.

Energy seeking companies and independents have several deep wells in the planning stage.

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