A number of problems such as emulsion instability, environmental issues and cost, persist in current liquid invert emulsifier technology of non-aqueous drilling fluids (NADF). These short comings are mainly due to incorporation of required components, solvents and mutual solvents in formulating emulsifier package, however they can be mitigated through innovative powdered emulsifier technology. This paper will present concept, design and chemistry of novel powdered emulsifier technology and compare their performance against current liquid emulsifiers.

New technology will include the development of solvent and mutual solvent free "solid state emulsifiers", and their applications in mitigating or eliminating the adverse effects of mutual solvents and other solvents which are incorporated in traditional liquid emulsifier technology. New technology in the form of advances made in emulsion technology, unique manufacturing technology of emulsifier additives and fluid formulations will be discussed.

NADFs have been used since their early introduction in late 1930s1 , primarily because of their performance benefits when compared to water-based drilling fluids. Despite the performance advantages, NADF technology has not been without challenges because the complexity of drilling operations has grown enormously. These new challenges have required that NADFs be environmentally friendly, stable and possess desirable mud properties over broad range of temperatures and pressures, effective in broad range of applications and be cost effective. Through the constant efforts of research scientists in drilling fluid industry, advances have been made in NADF formulations, particularly in base fluids and surfactant technology to overcome or mitigate these challenges 2 . However, the problems still exist. Various test we conducted for performance comparison of conventional liquid emulsifier and new technology solid state emulsifiers. After analysing the results, it was concluded that mutual solvents used in formulating liquid emulsifiers resulted in reduction of emulsion stability as much as 30%. The laboratory assessment, comparison and field applications of the newly developed powdered emulsifier technology will be highlighted. The development of this innovative powdered emulsifier technology has mitigated or resolved many issues, such as pour point, toxicity and other logistic problems to keep the NADFs at the forefront of the drilling fluid industry.

The paper will present newly developed concept and design of novel solid emulsifier technology to combat the associated challenges. These challenges include environmental issues, performance requirements, logistics and cost associated with current technology.

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