Nowadays, Centralized control system becomes a key feature in designing and operating plants. It facilitates advanced control, enhance maintenance, ease troubleshooting and reduce the man power.

Agiba Petroleum Company rented a gas plant. It was constructed in western desert, Egypt to treat the production of 10 gas wells. The main facilities in this plant is separators, low temperature separator (LTS), membrane units, exchangers and compressors.

The paper presents the work done to integrate the control system of the gas plant with the units outside the plant boundaries which are launcher PLC, inlet manifold, methanol tank, well head control panel system and existing oil plant control system.

In construction phase, a field feasibility study was performed to identify the availability in Gas plant's control system, emergency shutdown, and fire and gas system. The study also includes the cables routing and the quantities of cable, glands and cable entries. It also shows the work breakdown structure (WBS), resource breakdown structure (RBS) and the schedule to perform these modifications. After performing this study, an engineering documents was issued including modified layout, cable routing, cause and effect documents and control system programing update.

This modification enhanced operations safety by give alarming and shutdown signals between the existing oil plant and gas plant, it also reduced the number of filed operators that shall monitor remote areas like the inlet manifold, launcher area and methanol tank. The paper gives an idea about workaround plans and logical engineering studies and steps that were used in critical situation to enhance the safety, promote plant operation and reduce labor.

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