In Egypt, during the past 20-year national petroleum companies has been facing high turnover among experienced engineers who leave without enough notification period. This caused a lot of technical, managerial problems, increase replacement cost, and nonproductive time. The paper purpose is to introduce a new frame work to study and control turnover and/or turnover's intentions of employees working in oil and gas industry especially public and joint venture sectors in Egypt.

The study presents studied various models of turnover in general and focuse on recent devoted models and studies developed for oil and gas industry especially countries with similarities in culture and employees' attitude like Egypt. This will help decision makers to ensure organization stability and performance.

The research introduces a model that is suitable for oil and gas industry, it suggests that job fit, alternative job opportunities and organizational factors are the most significant independent factors that affects turnover. In addition to moderating factors that influence the relationship between the turnover and the said independent factors like: job stress, organization culture, oil prices, managerial style, and payment and rewarding system.

This frame work is a seed for understanding turnover phenomenon, it may be applied in similar industries with the same characteristics like harsh working conditions. The proposed frame work shall help managers, decision makers and researchers to better understand turnover causal factors in gorilla industries like oil and gas.

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