With the increased demand of Hydrocarbons, the industry trend to continually develop the unconventional reserves and/or maximize the HC production; different wellbores are accordingly drilled and completed with multi-stage completions. Frac Sleeve in Multi Stage completion tend to show several integrity issues. Multi-finger caliper tool has a proven capability of assessing the wellbore obstructions and internal corrosive damage to tubulars.

Gathering appropriate logging data is important for monitoring well-head and annuli pressures. Evaluating the Frac sleeves integrity whether are closed or open as well as to look for deformation within the sleeves are of client's objectives to confirm its conditions. We will combine the caliper data with passive noise detection tools to confirm and understands the fluid flow behavior in the well-bore and behind casing. Same combination is used to assess the injection sweep efficiency and anisotropy.

Caliper 3D visualization and advanced noise detection processing software were used to quickly and precisely understand the condition of the Frac sleeves in several wells for the sake of injection assessment and for future remedial actions to the recommended sleeves. Also, through comprehensive analysis, caliper logs have been used to assess scale buildup, paraffin or other mineral deposits in the wellbore which could coat the perforations, casing, tubulars, valves, pumps and downhole equipment.

The proposed paper will summarize field results and data gathered from several passes across the Frac sleeves. Using the logging data, we will measure the effectiveness and integrity of the Frac Sleeve for the purpose of injection/production assessment.

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