Heavy and waxy crudes reduce production, lifting performance and may cause production loss. The common way to solve this problem in Sudanese oilfields is through using Cyclic Steam Stimulation(CSS) technology, however this method has limitations, which made the proper solution is to use Electrical Downhole Heaters (EDH). Unfortunately no body studied EDH application in Sudanese oilfields. This project shows the possibility of using EDH technology in Sudanese oilfields with waxy crudes.

A comprehensive study for literature review for this technology and the types of EDH in terms of components and installation were done. Also number of companies with expertise in this area have been reviewed, with subjective analysis to their case studies. A computational model was developed by using Microsoft excel sheet associated with sensitivity analysis to find major parameters that have a large impact on results. Based on the modelling number of Sudanese fields and wells have been selected to study the possibility of applying this technology to them, by comparing the case studies for wells where this technology was successfully carried out, with some selected wells. A comparison between EDH and CSS in term of process and cost was done.

Simplified model was developed; in order to predict heating cable performance and energy required to heat a well. It was found that (API gravity, pour point, viscosity, downhole temperature and depth) are the major parameters affecting heating performance; by applying the sensitivity analysis. According to our screening and design, we found that the selected wells will give even better performance than ones listed in the literature. It is highly recommended to apply this technology in fields like (Fulla central, Moga, Bambo, Rawat, Hilba, Azrag). finally the economic evaluation illustrates that the cost of using EDH is three times less than using CSS.

This project is not only have huge impact in the oil industry in Sudan, but also shows that there are remarkably high economical value for using EDH.

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