Saudi Aramco has installed over 64 hydraulic wet connect (HWC) tools to combine smart well completions (SWCs) with electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) over the last 6 years. These completions are installed for remote inflow control in Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) and Multilateral (ML) wells in Saudi Arabia fields. This paper describes case studies of HWC completion options, design, and installations, including several successful replacements of ESP in such wells.

Intelligent completions were nearly started 15 years ago to provide selective zonal/lateral control, delay water breakthrough, control water production, shut-off wet zone/lateral, reduce operational expenditure (OPEX), enhance safety by minimize intervention, optimize production and/or enhance recovery.

The HWC system provides two main advantages. 1) The first advantage is to replace the ESP when required without the need of retrieving lower intelligent completions system, which saves both workover-rig time and ultimately cost. 2) The second advantage is to complete extended reach (ERD) with shallow TVD to install completions in two stages: The first stage is to install lower intelligent completion with receptacle and drill pipe to reach TD. The second stage is to install upper completion with stinger and tubing as per the design, and calculations of torque and drag to establish communications with lower intelligent completion.

In several wells, upper completions have been successfully recompleted with ESP. Therefore, the technology has proven its real value, especially in an offshore environment.

This paper will cover case histories, best practices, lessons learned and new advancement in HWC and related technologies.

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