On Job Training (OJT) for new fresh graduate reservoir engineers has been implemented at Saudi Aramco. The workshop is offered following completion of the company run on-boarding program offered by Upstream Professional Development Center (UPDC). The objective of this new training is to accelerate the young engineers' knowledge and experience and reduce the professional gap existing in the oil industry. This is being achieved by going in detail through one of the mature reservoirs with a long production history. The young engineers are chartered with the main objective of the reservoir engineers which is the SWEEP. They are trained to conduct detailed analyses of wells and reservoir production/injection performance with the primary focus of determining the current sweep efficiency. Participants are tasked to develop solutions to improve the recovery and the sweep areally and vertically to ensure that the maximum percentage of the reserve is produced.

The number of the participants in each workshop is 12 with different level of experience varying from few months to three years. The participants come from different Up-stream organizations; Reservoir Management, Reservoir Simulation, Reservoir Description, Well testing, Facilities and Computer engineers; Geologist and Geophysicists.

The workshop starts with explaining the ROLE OF RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT. It segments the process into three main areas. The first is to understand the static nature of the reservoir mainly the matrix information. The second is the dynamic part which is the fluid movements and its properties. And the third part is the integrations between the two natures which is used to further understand the complexity of the reservoir and the inter connection between the wells.

The participants practice during their training the ability of extracting the data related to the field and analyzing it thoroughly. Then the data is put-together and integrated to explain the fluid dynamic movements. The trainees as well, develop their reservoir thinking skills by identifying the challenges and formulating future action plans to improve the sweep and maximize the oil recovery.

OJT accelerate learning of young engineers from a variety of universities around the world. This training provided a solid foundation for participants as it help them to deal with real-life examples and help them to sharpen their analyzing and thinking abilities to prepare them for the new reservoir engineering era.

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