Sustaining field proven technologies in mature fields and maximizing Return of Investment (ROI) is a priority for operators worldwide. Financial constraints such as oil and gas prices, drilling cost, and any intangibles must not burden the success of pushing limits to open new horizons, not just for the present time but also for future generations. Parallel to reaching new limits, we must keep an eye on the safety and engineering behind any step taken toward the limit to push the envelope successfully. Drilling team recently used a a vendor product to maximize production, isolate a loss circulation zone, and push the operating envelop by installing the first 4-1/2" open hole completion (Pre-perforated liner) with inflatable open hole isolation packers through a 5-1/2" × 7" open hole liner (OHL). The vendor product enabled Saudi Aramco to install 5-1/2" × 7" solid expandable liner installation. The 5-½" 18.24 lb/ft solid expandable systems was utilized to isolate a loss zone and reactive shale section, sealing off the problematic interval and allowing an extended lateral section to be drilled through the reservoir. The expandable liner was run through a window cut through 7" 26 lb/ft casing and subsequently installed across part of the curve section to isolate the lost circulation zone. The use of the expandable liner enables the ability to drill the remaining build section and horizontal section together with full circulation. This paper describes the challenge and application.

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