Historically bridge plugs, packers and gauge hangers were set with explosive charge or hydrostatic setting tools. The logistical and safety issues associated with explosive type setting tools has resulted in more operators moving towards non-explosive setting tools over the last two decades. Hydrostatic setting tools have limited setting force capability related to well conditions.

This paper discusses the design and benefits of a new electro-mechanical setting tool, the New Setting Tool, which aims to significantly reduce operating costs while greatly improving ease of use and reliability.

The New Setting Tool addresses many of the issues associated with commonly used setting tools. The New Setting Tool does not require highly trained personnel or explosives. The tool does not require re-dress after each run and does not require lithium battery packs. Lithium battery packs are commonly used in electro-mechanical setting tools and are classed as dangerous goods. Regulations regarding the shipment of lithium batteries have become more stringent in recent years increasing the time and costs associated with shipment and disposal.

In memory mode, the New Setting Tool utilizes a simple, patent-pending touch screen interface called Cyclops Touch, on the tool body. Touch screen technology is common place in everyday life. A major technical challenge in the design and development of New Setting Tool was to introduce this technology into a downhole tool that is subject to the extremes of temperature and pressure associated with an oil or gas well.

This technically advanced user interface has reduced the requirement for extensive user training. The operator can program the tool and interrogate diagnostic information without the need to disassemble the tool at surface or break any field connections. This is a significant benefit when working in hazardous areas.

The New Setting Tool has an integral auto-reset feature which re-sets the tool for redeployment in less than a minute.

The setting tool comprises of three main sections, the power section, Cyclops section and the hydraulic section. Each section has been designed with specific parameters to ensure the tool is highly reliable and easy to program and run. The non elastomeric seal design allows the tool to be run up to 50 times without re-dress. This improves efficiency and reduces personnel requirement on location.

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