As directed by the Vice President, Northern Area Oil Operations (NAOO), Safaniya Onshore Producing Department (SOnPD) developed and implemented a comprehensive Traffic Safety Program with the objective to eliminate or minimize traffic related accidents in the Safaniya area. The scope of this committee covered highways and major local roads from Jubail Bridge on Abu Hadriya highway up to Khafji City. Successful implementation of this program has resulted in significant improvement and has minimized traffic related accidents. The reported statistics by six NAOO departments operating in Safaniya have reported a reduction of 90+% in MVAs involving company vehicles, 70+% in private motor vehicle accidents, and over 60% reduction in Fatalities. For Safaniya Onshore Producing Department (SOnPD), the leading Department, fatalities and accidents involving company and private vehicle in the area are eliminated. On the otherhand according to government statistics, between the years 2010-2012 and 2013-2015 vehicles incidents in Khafji and Nuayriay areas saw a reduction in fatalities by 11%, i.e., 10 lives/yr were saved.

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