The objective of this paper is to highlight first worldwide implementation of coiled tubing (CT) compatible self-degradable fiber laden diverter for matrix stimulation treatment using enhanced high rate fiber optic real time telemetry system.

The self-degradable fiber laden diverter has been used in bullheading acid stimulation treatments aimed to maximize reservoir contact and enhance gas production. Recently, the physical properties of fiber has been re-engineered enabling them to be pumped down coiled tubing to enhance diversion and stimulation effectiveness. Coiled tubing with fiber optic real-time telemetry has been utilized for many years in Saudi Arabia for matrix stimulation treatments and well interventions as it provides real-time bottom-hole parameters such as pressure, temperature, casing collar locator, gamma ray, tension and compression as well as distributed temperature sensing (DTS) to optimize fluids placement. The successes achieved with previously used 2 1/8-in. bottom hole assembly (BHA) for coiled tubing with real time telemetry system offered the maximum rate of 2.0 barrel per minute (bpm), whereas this rate became a limitation to achieve the desired fiber concentration for diversion when fiber laden fluids were used. The low rate provision by 2 1/8-in. BHA led to the need of a new generation high rate 3.25-in. BHA to be used for coiled tubing fiber optic real-time telemetry system that can enable higher fiber concentration at higher pumping rates.

For the first time in Saudi Arabian Carbonate reservoir, the novel fiber laden diverter was used during matrix stimulation treatment through 180 ft. perforated interval with new generation 3.25-in. BHA for coiled tubing fiber optic real-time telemetry system. The DTS used with the new generation coiled tubing high rate fiber optic real-time telemetry system helped in preand post-treatment evaluation. After successful high pressure coiled tubing stimulation using self-degradable fiber laden diverter with visco-elastic surfactant based acid system, the well performance exceeded expectation. The encouraging result was achieved by uniform stimulation coverage throughout the long perforation intervals. The operation also proved the feasibility of using the new generation fiber optic real-time telemetry system in challenging environment.

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