The purpose of this paper is to present and discuss the results of a qualification test of four Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) technologies in wet gas environment against a reliable and fully auditable test separator used with redundant measuring devices as a reference measurement. It will also clearly set procedures, and evaluation criteria used to qualify MPFM in Saudi Aramco gas condensate/wet gas fields in Saudi Arabia.

This trial test was designed to ensure that clear conclusions are reached and that a purely objective evaluation of the results can be performed. The implementation of this new procedure has improved the confidence level of the reference measurement and eliminated any doubts on the performance of the test separator. In this challenging environment of wet gas, this has enabled a clear mapping of each MPFM technology performances and limitations versus operating and fluid conditions.

It is the first time in Saudi Aramco to conduct a field trial test using a test separator where secondary measurements are used to enhance the reliability of the reference measurements, which resulted in a very accurate performance mapping of the four MPFM technologies. This trial test has set a standard procedure that can be used to qualify any future MPFM technologies in Saudi Aramco fields.

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