Commingling technique is one of the completion design methods that have been used in many oil fields to increase oil production. This technique is used mainly when pay zones have similar rock and oil properties. Previously in vertical wells, commingling was done by opening pay zones to the well bore, but recently specially in horizontal and multi-lateral technology, commingling is achieved by drilling many lateral holes into the pay zones from the same main hole, and producing all of them at the same time. Before deciding on the commingling, some situations need to be addressed before deciding on whether it is optimum to commingle all or some of zones together or not.

In this paper, a graphical method has been proposed to assist on the commingling decision by evaluating two completion scenarios and analyze both of them graphically. This method is focused mainly on the effect of the bubble point pressure rather than the other factors because it has a major impact on the productions especially if the commingled zones have different values.

The study concluded that commingling decision becomes more likely when the commingled zones have similar saturation pressure; and vice versa. It also concluded that commingling decision becomes more likely when the zone that has the highest value of saturation pressure is deeper than the rest of the pay zones or it has a higher productivity index as compared to the rest of pay zones.

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