The main objective of the zero flaring concept in Saudi Arabian offshore fields is to further fully comply with the environmental regulations and to continue ensuring zero hydrocarbon discharge to the environment during well cleanup, through zero flaring practice without compromising safety. The first implementation was carried out back during the last decade with workover operation in offshore field’s sweet crude and then extended to sour fields with an excellent success1, 2. The workover wells that were cleaned up utilizing this practice resulted with zero hydrocarbon discharge to the atmosphere. The same concept of well cleanup was considered for new drilling wells, therefore the new platforms that are currently under drilling or those that will be drilled and completed in the future have to accommodate this technique. The current plan is to modify in-water platforms for zero oil flaring technique, however, the needed zero oil flaring facilities for all future platforms will be installed on the onshore fabrication yard to optimize operational logistics.

The required facilities to accommodate the zero oil flaring practice on new drilling offshore installed platform include constructing of a 4" jumper line and running inline inspection (ILI) of the subsea flow line to the tie-in platform (TP). The zero flaring operations can be done once the jumper line has been installed and ILI of the subsea flow line to the TP has been performed as part of the subsea flow line mechanical certification. Upon completing drilling on the platform, the portable skid on the drilling rig is connected to the jumper line, and then, the wells are flowed for cleanup through the flow line to the TP and then through the trunkline to the GOSP.

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