The technology of smart completions has gained a big momentum in oil and gas industry and marked a significant paradigm shift in terms of optimizing production, enhancing sweep per lateral, managing water production and prolonging wells’ life. HRDH Increment-III is Saudi Aramco’s first Increment that was initially developed with intelligent field technology and maximum reservoir contact multi laterals wells equipped with smart completions. Field performance was put under detailed evaluation where positive results acted as a basis for further implementation of such technologies in other fields in Saudi Aramco. While objectives of smart completion were fully achieved with excellent sustainability in maintaining oil production plateau under very low water cut that was beyond initial expectations, Haradh team experience with smart completions indicated that benefits could be further enhanced by tackling identified challenges with the initial design to further enhance the ultimate value of such technologies.

This paper describes a case study that illustrates in details, Haradh experience with optimizing production from a Maximum Reservoir Contact well. This entails completion design enhancement to add more pressure data points into the system and then the holistic approach taken to achieve the ultimate value of the smart completions by integrating each lateral’s reservoir characterization analysis, production data and pressure data to select the right down hole valves adjustments. Leveraged knowledge from this case provides an insight into smart completion capabilities and utilization strategies to maximize the values from these technolgies.

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