Logging While Drilling technologies and bore hole imaging techniques are increasingly necessary to exploit hydrocarbons in challenging geological scenarios. Selecting the correct technology for the application involves consideration of formation evaluation requirements, logging and borehole conditions, drilling optimization and safety. A particular challenge is in the optimal placement of laterals in 4-­‐8 foot thick naturally fractured carbonate reservoir sandwiched between anhydrite formations. A high resolution electrical image while drilling was acquired to identify the faults and fractures to design effective intelligent inflow control devises (Equalizers).

A case study from a Middle Eastern onshore field is discussed where the use of a high resolution 4 ¾" electrical image-­‐while-­‐drilling technology allowed real-­‐time fracture identification and reservoir navigation. Utilizing high resolution 360-­‐degree electrical images in real-­‐time and memory additionally provided the information necessary to determine fracture, fracture characterization, bed dips, rock fabric, drilling fluid loss zones, and aid in design and efficient placement of intelligent open hole completions.

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