The paper covers a story of field that was brought on production using a combination of industry leading edge technologies; maximum reservoir contact (MRC) multi-lateral wells; advanced well completions and intelligent field infrastructure. Though individual components of the technologies had been tested and proven but the combination of these technologies in one development made this field to stand out as among the firsts in the industry. This feat came with peculiar challenges and rewarding opportunities.

This article undertakes an assessment of the field, the wells and the technologies; following five years of production. The article discusses a unique case study detailing real time field and wells performance monitoring, management and production optimization. The experience from this field has provided unique knowledge and insight to better understand how the advantage of these technologies were nurtured and leveraged to take performance to the next level. During the five years of production, this field has been meeting or exceeding the fundamental field Key Performance Indices (KPIs) such as production targets, sweep efficiency and well potential. Moreover, the intelligent field infrastructural environment has made possible proactive real-time reservoir management leading to more efficient operations and result-oriented business work flows.

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