A well completion diagnostics methodology was developed in order to detect downhole packer leakage and plugged Inflow Control Devices. This methodology was based on integrating production logging tool (PLT) data with computerized ICD well centric modeling to identify packer leakage and plugged ICD’s in compartmentalized completions. This approach was implemented on several oil wells with the objective of trial testing new zonal isolation technology and to optimize oil flow from the different ICD modules. Optimization is achieved by identifying and solving problems such as packer leakage which negatively affects the performance of oil wells by preventing the isolation of water downhole increasing the water cut of the produced oil. It also identifies ICD plugging which introduces mechanical skin that reduces or completely prevents oil production in the corresponding plugged ICD modules.

The diagnostics method described in this paper utilizes direct comparisons of ICD well centric modeling with actual production logging data and openhole formation logs to identify abnormalities within the ICD completions. The resulting information obtained is valuable and can be used in trial testing new packers to gauge their sealing ability in downhole conditions and is also useful in identifying areas of potential improvements within the completion.

The implementation of this approach on several Saudi Aramco oil wells resulted in confirming the sealing ability of various mechanical and swell packers in addition to downhole constrictors. Furthermore, a potentially plugged ICD was identified for possible future remedial treatments to restore production.

The significance of the subject matter is that it offers the petroleum industry a systematic approach to identify packer leakage or potential ICD plugging. Such an approach is needed to ensure that equipment being run downhole is functioning as per the design. Otherwise, ICD plugging or packer leakage can be identified for possible work over operations.

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