This study is to increase the efficiency of chemical injection by reducing the injectivity in high permeability zone, especially fractures or super-K zones, which are inevitably encountered in carbonate reservoirs. A chemical gelant system in liquid composed of polymer and crosslinker will be introduced in injection wells and form semi-solid gels in the formation. This technique will divert the successively injected fluids (chemical solution) into unswept formation and ensure the success of a chemical EOR process. A polyacrylamide/Cr (III) gel system was studied in terms of sol/gel diagram, kinetics of the gelation, viscoelastic properties of gels with the help of oscillatory shear rheometer, and long-term stabilities with a measure of syneresis. The lab results present excellent performance at the conditions of a carbonate reservoir. A core flooding test was conducted to identify plugging capacity with disproportionate permeability reduction to brine and to oil. Results confirmed a successful application of gelant system as conformance control agent for a carbonate reservoir.

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