An apparently complete representation of palynozones from D2 through D4B was recorded throughout the studied section. D2 was recognized from interval 1 and is indicative of the occurrence of ?Frasnian-late Eifelian. D3A spanning the Jubah/Jauf formational boundary occurs from interval 2. D3B, which caps the jauf reservoir, occurs within interval 2 (D3A and D3B are late Emsian to Eifelian in age). Palynozones D3/D4-D4A of Emsian-Pragian age are present in intervals 2 and 3 and span the Jauf/Tawil formational boundary. Lochkovian D4B was recognized in interval 3 and suggests the presence of the Tawil. The three lowermost samples from interval 3 were barren of palynomorphs.

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