Desired drilling depths are rapidly increasing i.e. extended reach and ultra deep drilling, thus sharply decreasing the performance of drill bits. The reason for this is the presence of porous, reservoir, and the variable total differential hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressures that affect the conditions of rock destruction.

In Near Bit Ejector Pump (NBEP), we developed a new and innovative design based on the principle of using the kinetic energy of the liquid jet. This system reduces the differential pressure in the bit's work zone, thus result in mechanical drilling rate increase of up to 20% and more, mudding the borehole wall and preventing bit balling.

NBEP technology works in the partial loss of washing fluid zones, therefore preventing the phenomenon, moreover retaining the diameter of the hole close to desired nominal diameter. The technology is applicable to all rotary drilling, and in conjunction with hydraulic downhole motors, as well as with both tricone bits and PDC bits. This technology has been used and is still applied successfully in drilling operation of Russian and Libyan oil fields, allowing significant gains to the operating oil companies.

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