In general, mature oilfields have a good portion of the remaining reserves still trapped due to inefficient drainage, production decline, increase in water cut and sand production and aging of the existing systems. This paper addresses techniques and initiatives to optimize development plans in a mature field. For Bokor Field in particular, there have been identified and implemented opportunities such as Infill drilling and workover optimization, dynamic underbalance perforation (DUP), matrix acidizing and propellant stimulation, water shut-off mechanical (WSOM), sand management, through tubing stand alone screens, deployment of electrical submersible pumps (ESP) and gas lift NOVA valves, real time surveillance (DHG, DTS and LiftWatchers*) and optimization, and microbial EOR.

Before the implementation of these techniques, this field had a daily oil production equivalent to 10 MSTBD (after fields decline) and the current production is 26 MSTBD. The two main reason for this increase are:

  • New technologies were employed in this oil field with dramatic results incorporating new hydrocarbon reserves, via 3D seismic techniques, high resolution stratigraphy and better static and dynamic simulation models.

  • Multidisciplinary integrated studies to increase field ultimate recovery factors by improvements in drilling, workover, stimulations, facilities and EOR methods.

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