High oil prices, new technology to increase oil recovery and government incentives can allow economic oil production to exceed the well design life. However, well life extension may result in more frequent critical failures involving leakages to the environment and structural safety issues during well service jobs.

Well Integrity management is a way to keep oil flowing from mature fields with extended wells lives with an environment friendly safe operation. This paper discusses the well integrity system implementation in a field in the Malacca Straits PSC, which contains mature oil fields with more than 30 years of oil and gas production.

This field has well integrity problem including leaking wellheads, severe corrosion of well components, failure of cement bonding, and land subsidence.

The well integrity management system assesses each well, evaluates the well operation in term of safety, and provides timely recommendations on remedial actions to keep the well producing.

The system also carries out quantitative data analysis and provides feedback to the operator about the condition of individual wells and overviews of whole field integrity.

The benefit is longer economic production with safe operational practices. This system was implemented in the MSAC-14 well, and the conclusion was the integrity of the MSAC-14 well was acceptable.

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