In 2009, Lukoil installed inflow control devices (ICDs) in three horizontal wells in the Sredne-Sercheyusskoe anticline of Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe oilfield. The successful installation of the lower completion will describe the planning and design through detailed near wellbore modeling pre and post drilling. The latter used LWD measurements to update the model and redesign the completion to address the actual wellbore heterogeneity to optimize future production in terms of production acceleration and mitigation of more mobile fluids through inflow balancing. In addition, to ensure production contribution from heel to toe through the use of an optimized ICD completion, an acid treatment was also executed in two wells which further improved productivity of the well by successfully removing formation damage and possible debris barrier plugging. The ICD completion offered a means to balance the outflow of acid distribution across heterogeneous wellbores. The predesign acid job and post analysis will be presented and discussed.

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