After decades of field and laboratory studies, when compared to primary cementing, squeeze cementing defies standardization as a general practice. Each candidate for remedial cementing presents a unique challenge to the engineer, therefore, to address the variety of problems that may occur, a wide range of techniques has been developed combining placement methods, specific slurry formulations, and execution procedures.

Recent advancement in workover techniques in brown fields which requires well intervention without pulling out or replacing the existing completion mostly for economic reasons, have added extra complications to the remedial cementing operations that makes the job success more challenging. It is a multidisciplinary field requiring knowledge and skills in geo-mechanics, fluid mechanics, and of course, cement-slurry systems.

Handil field is a giant mature oil field in Indonesia that has been producing since 1975 with the current recovery factor of 49% for oil and 57% for gas. Cumulatively, the total oil produced is around 855 MMstb and gas around 1.68 Tcf with the current production of oil at 20,000 bopd, gas at 75 mmscfd and water at 130,000 bwpd. Applying enhanced oil recovery techniques, infill well drilling and light workover operations performed on existing wells are key elements to maintain field production.

This paper outlines the field study analysis with the focus of improving the squeeze cementing success rate from the previous campaigns and will cover innovative solutions specially a novel placement technique that was adopted on a recent campaign. Successful results helped the operator to extend the life of the mature field by maintaining the production at its best level. Also a case history will be covered for the aim of better understanding the challenges being faced for properly isolating the compartmentalized sand reservoirs with different characteristics where proper analysis and innovative approach helped the operator achieving the objectives.

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