High water production may cause adverse effects on reservoir performance, which can result in production losses. To mitigate this situation it is crucial to utilize water management to reduce water production, optimize oil production, increase the well life and revive dead wells. One feasible option to isolate the water producing zone is a rigless water shut off (WSO) using mechanical isolation. This kind of operation is more challenging for horizontal wells with open hole completion.

This paper will demonstrate the impact of a successful WSO on overall performance of a horizontal open hole producer with 4,600 ft of reservoir contact. The well produced with 58.5% water cut and the production log showed that most of the water was coming from the toe of the horizontal section.

This paper highlights a mechanical rigless WSO method used to isolate a water contribution zone using a fiber optic telemetry enabled coiled tubing (CT) conveyed inflatable packer capped with cement. Fiber Optic Coil Tubing (FOCT) provides real- time downhole temperature, pressure (inside and outside the CT) and casing collar locator (CCL) measurements used to achieve accurate packer setting depth, confirm packer setting and ensure the suitability of the cement recipe. The complete cycle of candidate selection is addressed.

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