Passive ICDs (Inflow Control Devices) are being used to enhance performance of horizontal wells in unfavorable enviromnents such as non-uniform permeability and/or pressure variations along horizontal sections. This is the first ever attempt, to the best of our knowledge, at using ICDs to manage inflow from two laterals connected to a motherbore. Furthermore, this well is a 3 7/8" openhole multi-lateral with a 2 7/8" ICD completion.

This paper presents how passive ICD completion technology is used to optimize well productivity in a multi-lateral well. This carbonate well was sidetracked to increase reservoir contact and create tire required multi-lateral. Subsequently, the ICDs were run, and to confirm the inflow profile along the length of the of the ICD completion, a PLT survey was conducted. The actual rate and inflow profile compared favorably with the predictions as per design of the ICD completion. This paper will show the well design, the actual PLT vs modeled results, and discuses future utilizations for this technology.

The key factor in the success of this project was the use of the 2-7/8" ultra-slim ICD completion, which was optimized based on numerous wellbore hydraulic simulations, to determine the appropriate number of ICD units and compartments to balance the required off-take from each lateral, and from individual compartments in the motherbore section.

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