Water injection during the early stage of a new reservoir's development is gaining popularity around the world. This is especially true in Saudi Arabia where water injection is used to improve oil recovery and for pressure maintenance by placing short or long horizontal water-injection wells around the reservoir flanks.

For cases where water-injection wells are placed in reservoir flanks, some of the producing wells are perforated transversally oriented to the water-injection wells to improve the oil recovery around the involved areas. For this specific exploitation strategy, there is a potential risk of water channeling from the injector to the producing well toe which, once it happens, might jeopardize recovery efficiency.

For the referenced exploitation strategy, a new completion methodology considering the placement of a fracture barrier at the toe of the producing well to delay water intrusion and improve recovery efficiency is proposed. This paper discusses the process to create the fracture barrier and the benefits of the completion methodology supported with extensive simulations for the different scenarios.

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