Saudi Aramco's "M" Field is located offshore and will be developed using over 300 wells with a combination of land and offshore drilling facilities.

Well number M-A is a land-based, power water injector well, drilled to an offshore bottomhole location. The resulting well design dictated directionally drilling an extended-reach well with an 8-1/2-in. horizontal-hole section over 13,900 ft (4237 m) in length.

It was apparent from the outset that directionally drilling the 8-1/2-in. section was going to be extremely challenging. Once drilled, running and cementing the 7-in. liner would present a host of additional difficulties. To ensure a successful outcome, Saudi Aramco assembled a dedicated team of Operator and Service personnel to review all aspects of this openhole section and resulting liner running operations.

The latest in directional drilling technology was used to ensure the exacting directional control needed to deliver the wellbore. In addition, running the over 14,400-ft- (4389-m)-long liner required the use of new and innovative liner hanger technology to overcome any challenges encountered during liner deployment.

This paper will outline the planning, methods, and equipment applied to deliver the resulting 8-1/2-in. hole section, and successfully deploy Saudi Arabia's longest-ever cemented 7-in. liner.

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