This paper is intended to present the experiences of PDO Oman using Pumptools' ADV valves (Automatic Diverter Valve) in ESP completed wells that have sand and solids production. Short run times were repeatedly experienced in Oman due to the sand and solids falling back on top of the pump after the ESP had been switched off or tripped. Upon restart the sand plug on top of the pump caused damage and premature failure of the ESP.

The Pumptools Patented ADV was designed from the outset to address these route cause issues which have plagued ESP users for many years. This new technology tool is designed to enhance the run time of ESPs in sandy wells. The Tool was used in several fields in Oman where sand was being produced. This paper outlines the improvements seen as a result of utilizing the Pumptools Auto Diverter Valve (ADV).


The objective was to improve the ESP run time in some of the Oman's sandy fields with the Pumptools Automatic Diverter Valve (ADV) which features:

  • Prevents any solids falling back into the pump when the ESP shut down

  • Prevents any back spin of the ESP when the ESP shut down

  • Allows a softer re-start to ESP

  • Prevents any plugging of the pump discharge

  • Allows the well to be treated without squeezing through the ESP

  • Allows the well to free flow without fluid passing through the pump

  • Demonstrate an increase in run-life of the ESPs, reduce Oil deferment, and thus improve the economic viability of the field.


Sand production in some Oil wells and has dramatically reduced run life of ESPs. Even when the pump is trimmed for sand production, plugging of the ESP can still occur when the ESP is shut down or tripped. This is because pumped sand in tubing string above the ESP will fall back on top the ESP discharge and upper pump stages to form a plug.

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