The number of multilateral gas producers drilled in the Ghawar field has significantly increased over the past few years as part of the reservoir development strategy to maximize well productivity through maximum reservoir contact. Although these wells are expected to require little rigless intervention to conduct surveillance or productivity enhancement work, the effective options available to selectively access each of the laterals are limited. Thus specialized tools and techniques are required but the complex nature of these deep wells, combined with the high pressure and temperature characteristics of the reservoir, makes their application difficult and the outcome of the well intervention procedures uncertain.

One of the techniques that has proven successful in different fields around the world, is the use of a lateral accessing tool to selectively access the desired lateral to then perform a stimulation treatment, run a production log, or any other operation. Combining lateral accessing and high-pressure jetting tools to access and stimulate two under-performing laterals a world first, was done in Well A, a producer drilled in a carbonate reservoir in Saudi Arabia's Ghawar field. The stimulation treatment was successful and the well achieved a two-fold rate increase.

This paper provides details about the pre-job research and testing conducted, the methodology, equipment and procedure successfully applied in dual-lateral Well A, and lessons learned throughout the operation. The post-treatment performance of the well was better than anticipated, which encouraged Saudi Aramco to further utilize the technique for different applications.

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