This paper reviews some of the Saudi Aramco R&D Projects for increasing the asset life expectancy of its production facilities. The ultimate objective is to deliver innovative solutions to address actual or anticipated problems encountered by operations. The Research and Development Center in Saudi Aramco has developed a generic delivery model consisting, for each project, of the identification of the following four main components: business need, value created, internal competencies and partners to provide solutions in a timely manner

The portfolio for the Upstream R&D Program for the production facilities is composed of several projects:

  1. The Crude Oil Separation project to improve the separation of the production into oil, gas and water phases.

  2. The Emulsion Mitigation project to handle specific problems related to emulsion from the near wellbore to the separation vessels included.

  3. The Water Systems project built with a holistic approach, to handle produced and injected water, and associated phenomena such as bacterial control and corrosion.

  4. The Scale Mitigation project to prevent and mitigate scale in oil and gas wells, for better injectivity and productivity.

  5. The Pipeline Integrity project, which includes a variety of issues such as sulfur deposition and blister control.

  6. The Black Powder Management project, a multi-disciplinary project to address this specific issue caused by corrosion for sales gas pipelines.

This paper will summarize the goals and deliverables of these projects. Further potential R&D projects for Production or Midstream related issues are also listed.

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