Formation damage is a by-product of the drilling, completion and production process that can be attributed to many factors. In cased-hole wells, the reservoir pressure and hence hydrocarbon flow may be impeded by various damaging mechanisms caused by the drill-in fluid filtrate, in-situ emulsions, water block, and organic deposition.

Mesophase chemistry has been developed to remove near-wellbore skin damage in perforated cased-hole applications. This fluid chemistry can be utilized as a perforating fluid and/or be applied during remediation operations to remove the formation damage around the perforation tunnels and/or fracture channels. The physical properties of this mesophase fluid include high oil solubilization, high rates of diffusion through porous media, and the reduction of interfacial tension to near zero between organic and aqueous phases, making them excellent fluids for removing formation damage.

This paper presents the development and case histories from numerous field applications that demonstrate the efficiency of mesophase chemistry to reduce skin damage and improve well productivity.

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